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It’s not complicated.
Wine Transport servicing the entire USA

At Vine Vault, we have sixteen of our own climate-controlled trucks and warehouses servicing over 75% of the continental US. In the few places our trucks don’t reach, we have great partners. If you need your wine collection moved, expect us to be the best option to do that for you. All we care about is keeping you happy and your wine safe.

  • Ownership

    Our own trucks and facilities in many regions of the US

  • On Hand

    We like to handle your wine with our own hands, so we can make sure that everything is done right.

  • Storage Services

    Another level of wine storage service, unlike anyone else in the business. Our team of sommeliers and cellar hands offer our clients full service wine storage.

  • Inventory Services

    Often when we move a private wine collection for one of our clients, they want to take that opportunity to do a full inventory of their collection. We can help.

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Relocating? Visit our sister site www.vinevaulttransport.com for more information and to request a quote.